Thursday, April 25, 2013


Half way to Vegas...Driving through Arizona, quick pick to add to our "Map of Love" :) 

Vegas with the kids...not the greatest.  The girls could not stand the smell of smoke walking through the hotel.  We tried to get to vegas while the sun was still up to hop in the pool...we made it there just in time for the sun set:) So we took a dip in the hot tub till we got kicked out, then Brytinn and Amarie were tough in that cold pool and night and kept swimming for a few more minutes.  After a pretty disgusting experience at the breakfast buffet, we were even more excited to head out in the morning, we could not wait to get to the beach!

 Shelley and her Family brought us to the beautiful beach on Coronado Island.  And they said we couldn't have come on a better day, the weather was gorgeous! Prior to the trip the girls kept talking about how excited they were to find sea shells. At this beach they found lots! they were so excited (so was I as I watched all their dreams come true:) Brytinn found a large clam "about the size of Noelle's head" as she described.  And Kamara found a whole sand dollar, so exciting! After attempting to keep their clothes somewhat dry and failing, we realized these girls needed their suits on:)

 Malory and her friend caring for Noelle at the beach.  Then we quickly rushed off to meet Shelley's mom Denise at her magnificent home on the island.  Lots of talking and catching up and a beautiful tour including an elevator ride:)

 After the island, we met up with Collin's and his family.  Lots of music, drums, piano, guitar, singing and skate boarding, the girls had a blast.  And us cousins did some more catching up:)

 The next morning we could not wait to hit the beach! After a yummy breakfast we packed up and headed out.  Trever and Malory took good care of us, while Weston studied for a test.
 We did it! At the beach as a family once again! it was a little breezy and not quite warm enough to dive in, but we had a blast on the beach and frolicking in the waves:) I was even able to go for a run...bare foot, hair down, swim suit, sun glasses, and ocean was wonderful!

 Shelley was so sweet to bring us a lunch...Noelle enjoyed her fruit leather and doritos covered in sand:)

 The girls just couldn't get enough of those sea shells.  Brytinn was playing the whole 5 plus hours, while Amarie and Kam took some breaks laying on the beach.

 Noelle found her happy place.....THE BEACH (daughter like mother i suppose:) She was happy the entire time!  It was amazing! She must have played on that beach chair content making cute noises for close to an hour while I laid in the sun next to her.

This girl wasn't gonna let a little sand get in the way of her smile...Then it was off for another strole along the beach:)


Nice.... nap of her dreams while daddy, mommy and the girls hit the pool

Finally Swimming with my girls again, it was a long winter! (always is:)
 We could have stayed at the pool for 3 more hours...but soon the burn started to set in..uh, I think we are getting burnt, better head back...yep, fried....brytinns poor legs and daddy's shoulders and face:( After showering up and packing we were off to Grandpa Toms and on the way found out a surprise...."we are going to disney land!" the girls had no idea, I had told them we were not going to do that this trip, but then Bonnie's sweet mom offered us 3 free tickets and 2 discount tickets the day before the trip!


Kamara didn't want to ride with the fam on this one, she wanted a tea cup all to her self:) Mom had to skip out on the tea cups because the night before after eating out we had to pull over so I could throw up, so mom's tummy was still a little uneasy, feeling faint, moving slowly and somehow I got us to Disney land in the morning prepped for a long day, 9am-11pm

Indiana Johns with my oldest:) Lots of fun

Jungle cruise was Noelle's favorite ride...It put any zoo to shame

5 minute wait at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, sweet!...It was super cozyha and fun riding with my younger three.  Brytinn loved it!

I took this pic shortly after receiving a text from joe saying "this is my definition of torture" ha! Joe was quite burnt, in pain , and waiting in line in the sun...he was a trooper and stuck it out for the fam


ooo, what tha


After a long day of rides, parades, Fantasmic, fire works...we had to stop at the shop on the way out to let the girlies spend their mula on a souvenir.  I was so happy they all found something they loved and could afford...Daddy was very patient while his girls shopped:) Then it was to the car, bye bye Disney Land!
The next day was closer to Joe and I's definition of a vacation:) ...super relaxed and chill with dad and sherry and the dogs.  Walking the trails and the beach...also it was overcast which was perfect for our fams burnt skin.

Lucky Grandpa Tom

Love this girl

Saying good bye:(

Thanks Dad and Sherry...We will miss you till next time!

So wonderful we got to visit Erica and Dan on the way home in Vegas.

Somehow Noelle snuck out of her car seat:)

The girls were thrilled to get there own chocolate milk and corn nuts at the gas station...then shortly after,  poor Kam  got up to buckle Noelle and stepped on her perfectly whole sand dollar crushing it into pieces.  So sad:( the beginning of life's lessons, hard for the mom to watch:(  Other than that devastating moment, the car trip home seemed better and quicker than the way to CA.  Wonderful trip overall, wouldn't change it for nothin.

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Brandon and Erica said...

looks like sooo much fun! Just what you needed to say goodbye to the long winter! Love that family of yours!